Company Health and Safety Policy Statement

Ressel Constructors considers health and safety an integral part of its operations. The protection of employees and property is paramount and is a continued objective of the company. Ressel Constructors makes every effort to provideand maintain a safe and healthy work environment for all concerned and is dedicated to implementing new policies and procedures to prevent and reduce risk of injury.

As the employer, Ressel Constructors recognizes its responsibility for worker health and safety and guarantees that every reasonable precaution will be considered when it comes to worker and public safety.

Our supervisors are accountable for the health and safety of their crews, and will ensure that all equipment, tools and machinery are in good working condition and safe to use. Ressel Constructors will be adequately trained to execute their tasks in a safe manner. This training will be ongoing to insure that health and safety remains in the forefront of our operations.

Each Ressel Constructors employee will work in compliance with all Occupational Health and Safety Act rules and regulations and in accordance with our company policies and procedures for safe work.

An annual review of all operating procedures, specifically as related to health and safety, will be undertaken by the company and the results of this safety audit made available to all employees and the public for their viewing and comments.

Equipment, Tools and Machinery Safety Policy Statement

Ressel Constructors has taken every precaution to ensure each employee is sufficiently trained to execute each of their tasks safely and efficiently. This commitment to safety includes ensuring that all equipment, tools and machinery are ingood, safe, working order.

All employees will operate all equipment and machinery and use all tools only in accordance with the specific manufacturer's recommendations and guidelines. Any employee found to be in violation of this policy will be subjected to appropriate discipline, up to and including termination, where deemed necessary.

Each employee has a responsibility to ensure that all equipment, tools and machinery are in good, safe working order prior to each use. If found not to be of this standard, they are required to report the item to their supervisor immediately.

Supervisors will be responsible to ensuring that all equipment, tools, and machinery are in good, safe and working order and will notify senior management immediately, if any item does not meet this standard.